Make Power Personal

Better Pricing

One of the largest solar companies in the nation just published losses in the tens of millions of dollars. The only way to overcome a loss like that is to pass it on to the consumer.

Faster Installation Nationwide

Lumio is nimble. Our local presence extends to your neighborhood, so our crews and warehouses are nearby. Most installations are complete in one day, shortly after permitting and scheduling are complete.

Sincere Sustainability

When it comes to pollution, you're
not the problem. You're recycling.
You're consuming less. You care.

Timing is Everything

Market Conditions

• Escalating energy costs

• Growth: Equivalent of adding a new India to the World’s grid last year

• Government Incentives: Tax Credits to Homeowners

Lumio Position in the Marketplace

• Capacity to install Quickly and Pay Quickly (Avg. 30 days vs. 90 days)

• Local Permitting in Key Solar States (California, Texas, Florida)

Customers Have Control of their Power

• EV Vehicles vs. Escalating Fuel Costs

• Solar Power vs. Coal Burning Power

Watch it? Be Part of it?

• You’re part of the Perfect Timing

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