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On June 11, 1984, Diamond Systems Incorporated was founded by three entrepreneurs from Des Moines, Iowa with the hopes and dreams of starting up a company that was dedicated to serving dealers with quality customer service and convenience. This is accomplished through individualized service, strong product offerings, a fast and efficient delivery system, instant access to information via the DSI website and a dedicated Sales Representative helping you every step of the way. Thirty five years later, DSI Systems is the largest distributor of satellite equipment and accessories.

"DSI Systems is dedicated to the independent retailers that we have served over the past thirty five years. We continually strive to add new categories to our line-up for ease of purchasing from one distributor while also helping retailers become more profitable by offering more to their consumers. The independent retailers are truly what drives the DSI family and for that we thank you."

Doug Robison, President and CEO for DSI Systems

At DSI Systems, we are continually looking forward to what's next. That's our promise to you and what a true partnership is really all about.

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